Workout Wednesday – March 3rd, 2021

I’m excited to start a new routine, called Workout Wednesdays. I’ll post my workout for the day. Feel free to follow my routine or share your own!

Today, I started with an hour of Beat Saber. Over that hour, I burnt 328 active calories. FitBeat is a new favorite song of mine in Beat Saber. It really gets the heart rate up!

After Beat Saber, I turned to Supernatural for a couple workout sessions. To start, I went with “Quick Hits: A Call to Arms”, an 8 minute workout. This is a good one to warm up with.

Then, I moved on to “Pump, You Up 90s – Sing Out Loud”. This playlist provided a great workout! With an average heart rate of 151, it really kept me in the fat burning zone. Plus, the songs are awesome to sing along to.

Between these two Supernatural workouts, I was able to burn an additional 242 calories. Added to the 328 from Beat Saber, that’s a total of 570 calories in an hour and a half. Not half bad!

Let me know in the comments what your Workout Wednesday consisted of!

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