Workout Wednesday – March 24, 2021

For today’s Workout Wednesday, I turned to Supernatural. I did two of the workouts, and both were great calorie burners!

To start, I went with “Skinny Jeans and Ripped Seams – Ripped and Strong” playlist. This is a 16 minute electronic music playlist. During this workout, I burned 114 calories.

The next workout playlist I chose was “Fuego”. This was one of my favorite Supernatural workouts I’ve done to date. The songs are fun, and the workout is great and fast paced. On this one, I burned 158 calories during the 19 minute playlist.

Today’s workout was a great 35 minute workout. Such a fun way to burn a total of 272 calories.

Supernatural has been a fantastic addition to my workout routine. The subscription is an additional expense, but so far it has been well worth the additional cost. They add new workouts regularly and keep me excited to do my next workout.

What workout did you do today? Any recommendations for my future Workout Wednesdays?

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