Why I Love Working Out in Virtual Reality

As someone who has never enjoyed working out, it surprises even me that I love my workouts so much now. Working out with virtual reality may not be for everyone, but for me, it is game changing. There are several factors that make VR easy to stick with as an exercise plan. The ones I want to highlight here are:

  • At Home Workout
  • Works With Any Schedule
  • Variety
  • Low Impact Cardio
  • Lots of Fun
  • Relatively Inexpensive

At Home Workout

Probably the top reason I enjoy VR, is because I do it at home. I have never been one to enjoy going to the gym or classes. Plus, it takes a lot more time to do workouts outside the home.

I love low-maintenance. So I enjoy the fact that it doesn’t matter what the weather is, or the time of the day. On days where I wouldn’t want to venture out in the hot, cold, or rain; I can still always make my way to the living room. This makes it a lot easier to stick with a routine. You don’t have to worry about what to wear or how you look because it’s all in the privacy of your own home.

Works With Any Schedule

Because this is an at home workout, it also works with any schedule. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Whether you have a set schedule or an unpredictable one, you can do it in whatever free time you have.

If I have a free 30 minutes before work, I can hit the VR. Or if I don’t have to be up early the next morning, I will do it late at night. Even if you are tight on time, it is easy to do 10-15 minutes at a time.

I like that I am not at the mercy of the gym’s hours. Or the exact start time of a workout class. And no travel time makes it easy to utilize your time efficiently.


Another awesome thing about VR is the variety of workout options. I have my go to workout games, but there are also plenty of other options. As time goes on and VR becomes more popular, I expect to see even more health and fitness games on the market.

Whether you want a full-fledged workout, or just want to get yourself standing for a little bit, there are plenty of options. Even the little games like Carnival Games and Fruit Ninja burn more calories than you’d think. Getting up and moving, even just a little bit, is great for overall health.

Sometimes I even watch 360° videos on YouTube with the VR headset and use a stationary bike or step in place during the videos. This is yet another way that VR can get you up and moving. The variety of options makes it a great option for a variety of people.

Low Impact Cardio

Unfortunately, I suffer from arthritis and degenerative disc disease as a side effect to Lyme disease. Because of this, I tend to avoid any high impact exercises. VR allows for very low impact exercise.

What’s nice is that even though it is low impact, it still really gets the blood pumping. Games like Beat Saber are not strenuous, but they get you moving. Which in turn gets your heart rate up, making them great cardio routines.

I really enjoy competing with myself to see how many calories I can burn in a day. Even better, I can do a lot more than I ever could with ‘traditional’ workouts.

I’ve burned over 1000 calories some days, with VR alone!

Lots of Fun

Playing games on VR is just downright fun. Even while burning lots of calories, you still are having fun. Which for me is a huge difference compared to how I always dreaded workouts.

I have always enjoyed video games, so being able to pair that with exercise is amazing to me. I truly believe VR can take gaming from an unhealthy practice to a healthy one. I’m excited to see how virtual reality evolves over the coming years.

Relatively Inexpensive

I know, I know…VR is not exactly cheap. However, when you take into account that you can easily spend $20-$40+ per month on a gym membership, VR becomes a fairly cost effective option. PSVR and Oculus Quest are the cheapest option for VR, especially if you already have a PS4 for PSVR. Others, like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, require expensive computers and therefore a lot more startup cost.

If you already have a PS4, you can get the PSVR equipment for $300-$350, with a couple games. And sometimes you can find sales or deals on refurbished units. I got mine with 2 games for $250 on Black Friday. This is the cheapest way to get into VR. Games for PSVR on average cost between $15-$30. Oculus Quest is an all in one that starts at $399. It does add up, but compared to the yearly cost of a gym membership at ~$250-$500, it really isn’t bad. Even compared to the cost of buying a treadmill or other home workout equipment, the cost is reasonable.

Pricing from Best Buy. With Black Friday coming up, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have PSVR on sale again!

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