Using a Stationary Bike With VR

I’ve outlined before some of the games I like to use on PSVR to burn some calories. Aside from that, though, I also like to pair my stationary bike with VR for a little more variety.

There are stationary bikes out there exactly for this purpose, some even with game options, like VirZOOM. However, any stationary can work the way I use it. I have a Life Fitness bike that I use, but even a compact peddler would work too.

To be honest, I have always hated using a stationary bike. Staring at the wall, or even watching TV, I would just get bored with it. However, with VR, I love it. I typically just watch 360° videos on YouTube while pedaling. But you could even play seated VR games, and add in the pedaling to make it a workout.

My favorite videos to watch in 360° are nature videos. I find it hard to find high enough quality videos, at least on PSVR’s YouTube app. However, I have found that all of the Air Pano videos are high quality and interesting to watch. In fact, Air Pano’s video of Angel Falls was my first virtual reality experience when I first got PSVR.

I like that because of the 360° view, I can rewatch the videos and see something new, or a different angle. I have found videos of actual bike rides, but the quality never seems to be up to par through PSVR. (This may not be the case for other devices.)

I love pairing my stationary bike with virtual reality. Most games are focused on mainly arm movement. Because of this, there aren’t many options for leg workouts with VR as of now. However, pairing VR with a stationary bike can give the leg workout that can be missing from a typical VR exercise routine.

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