Tracking Calories Burned With BoxVR

One of my top 3 PSVR workout games is BoxVR. Overall I would say that BoxVR gives me the highest rate of calories burned compared to other VR games. It is important however to give it your all for the best possible results. I tested the in-game calorie counter, and hard hits make a big difference in calories burned. In fact, it showed that I burned double the calories in a 10 minute session of full swings vs a 10 minute session of minimal effort. So it is nice to know that the counter takes into account the force of your swings and isn’t just a set calories/punches ratio.

Most times, I also wear my Apple Watch during my VR workouts. I like to compare the calories burned from my watch with the results from BoxVR’s calorie counter. I have gotten varying results, but part of that depends on what workout setting my watch is on. When I select the ‘Boxing’ setting as the workout, the calorie reading tends to be lower. When I select the ‘Other’ setting, the calorie reading is higher, and more in line with the game’s counter.

I believe the in-game counter runs a little high, but it is still a great tool for those without a fitness tracker. For my own records, I usually count the lower ‘boxing’ reading. I am fairly sure it is the most accurate reading as well. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a great result. Typically, I average 8-9 calories burned per minute with via this setting with BoxVR. This is equivalent to bicycling or aerobic dance!

With my watch, I am also able to track my average heart rate during my workouts. With BoxVR, my average heart rate is between 140-145, which is right in my fat burning zone! I have only owned BoxVR for about a month at this point, but I look forward to tracking longer workouts as well. I have only done 30-40 minute workouts so far, and even those really get me sweating!

In a 30 minute workout, I average around 260-270 active calories burned. I love the flexibility of doing these workouts from home and getting such good results. In time, I hope to post the results and readings from others as well! Comment below and tell me how many calories you’ve burned using BoxVR!

2 thoughts on “Tracking Calories Burned With BoxVR

  1. I’ve been playing BoxVr since the day after Christmas. I play 5-6 days a week, for 90 minutes a day, split between two 45 minute workouts. I must be a good bit heavier than you because I burn 700+ calories in 45 minutes. I take that number with a grain of salt though, and just keep my 90 minutes a day goal front and center. I’m glad you mentioned putting some effort into the punches. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and almost all of them feature people lightly swatting at the oncoming targets. One guy said at the end of his video that he couldn’t give BoxVr a very good fitness rating because it wasn’t challenging enough, but he’d put hardly any effort into it at all! Sorry……rant over. I’m just saying, there’s a really good core workout with this game if you put your body into the punches, twist your torso when switching from right to left, and be sure to push of the back leg and follow through with whatever hand is dominant(depending on which stance you’re in.) I boxed a little bit when I was younger. Not enough to get good or anything, just enough to drone on endlessly in random comment sections on the internet as though I actually know what I’m talking about😂
    Are you still using BoxVr regularly? I was walking 6-10 miles a day, but have been using mostly BoxVr for my cardio now. Are there any upcoming psvr fitness titles coming out that I should be excited for?

  2. Hi Tim! Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your thoughts, and completely agree that BoxVR is a great workout option. If you’d be interested, I’d love to write up a post on the benefits you have seen in your time playing BoxVR! I love getting input from others who enjoy using VR as a fitness tool. If you’re interested, shoot me an email
    As for upcoming games, I’ll have to do some more research on what’s coming up! The last couple of months have been hectic, so I haven’t been as focused on the blog, but I’m going to try to get some more posts up soon. But as for other games that are already released, have you tried Sparc? It can be an amazing workout as well once you get the hang of it!

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