The Purpose of This Blog

I have never blogged in my life, and I honestly have little idea what I am doing. But I am passionate about what I am trying to do here. I truly believe using virtual reality has so much potential in bettering people’s lives, even beyond weight loss. So what exactly is the purpose of this blog?

Well, my main purpose here is to help people. But there are many ways I intend to do that, starting with:

  • Helping people to determine if virtual reality is right for them.
  • Sharing the stories of real-life people who have used VR to achieve a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, and fitness.
  • Creating and sharing virtual reality workout plans.
  • Track fitness data across different games and rate games based on their calorie burning potential
  • Creating a motivational network of people.
  • Sharing stories of how VR has helped people in other ways.

Helping People Determine if Virtual Reality is Right For Them

Though I am a huge VR advocate, I do realize that virtual reality may not be for everyone. I plan on creating posts geared toward helping people decide if they should delve into VR, and what the best way for them to do so is. Also, we will take a look at the possibility of motion sickness, and what games are best for those who suffer from it.

Sharing the Stories of Real-Life People Who Have Used Virtual Reality to Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle, Weight Loss, and Fitness

I am starting to network with others who have used or are beginning to use virtual reality for their health. One thing I am very excited about is telling the stories of different people’s VR journeys. I see the same few stories pop up every so often of the people who have used virtual reality with amazing weight loss results. I love these stories, but I strive to add to those. While these massive successes are amazing, I also want to showcase people who are still on their weight loss journey. One of the most inspiring things to me is seeing the progress others have made. I would love if this blog could be the source of that inspiration for others. If you have had success with VR improving your health, I want to feature you in a post! Please get in contact with me for details by commenting on this post or using the contact us page!

Creating and Sharing Virtual Reality Workout Plans

As time goes on, the plan is to create and share different VR workout plans. Many people have found something that works well for them, so we want to share their plans and routines with others who need inspiration. In the near future, I plan to create basic Beat Saber and BoxVR workout plans that I have found to be helpful. I will also network with users of other VR platforms to cover workout and game options for all VR platforms.

Track Fitness Data Across Different Games and Rate Games Based on Their Calorie Burning Potential

Also in the plan is to create a rating and review system of different games when it comes to their calorie burning potential. We will rate fitness and non-fitness games based on heart rate readings while playing. The idea will be to compare how many calories are burned playing per hour vs sitting for an hour. I would like to create a rating scale based on how active each game is. With this rating scale, along with gameplay descriptions and video, I hope to help people find which games may work best for them.

Creating a Motivational Network of People

Being able to workout from home is amazing, but it can be a double-edged sword. It falls on each person individually to be their own motivator. However, I believe with the network of like-minded people we can create here, that we can all motivate each other. Within this network, we can arrange fitness challenges, in game tournaments, shared workouts, etc. Motivation is key, and being a part of a group like this could be huge motivation for some. We can motivate each other to make goals and stick to them.

Sharing Stories of How VR Has Helped People in Other Ways

There are also other ways that VR is starting to help people. There are stories around the world of virtual reality being a tool for things other than fitness and weight loss. Allowing the elderly in nursing homes to have experiences in VR is just one of the many ways virtual reality is going past the gaming community. Even just watching my grandma experience a herd of elephants in a 360˚ video was an amazing thing to see. There are also reports of VR aiding people with meditation, PTSD, mental health, and autism. The real reach of virtual reality will be huge, and I can’t wait to see what other benefits are found.

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