Subscriber Stories: This Man Lost 24 Pounds in One Month With the Help of VR

Here comes another VR weight loss story! Devon, 27, from Illinois, has lost an incredible 24 pounds in one month. To accomplish this, he has drastically changed his diet and exercise. For his exercise, he does a combination of VR and disc golf. For diet change, he has started a ketogenic diet.

Devon has struggled with weight gain for the majority of his life. Recently, though, he decided something needed to change. As of September, Devon weighed 374 pounds. He didn’t want to see the number on the scale go any higher, so he implemented a plan. On September 16th 2019, Devon started his weight loss journey. He purchased PSVR and started his ketogenic diet, and is making significant progress.

Now (as of October 17) Devon is one month in and down to a weight of 350 pounds. This is an incredible result of 24 pounds lost in just one month! Devon uses Beat Saber and Sparc to burn calories. He plays for sessions of at least 30-40 minutes, 6-7 days per week. Total, he spends about 4 hours weekly using virtual reality for exercise. In addition to this, Devon spends a few hours weekly playing disc golf.

A before and after of Devons VR weight loss progress
Left: A photo of Devon taken on September 7, 2019, at his heaviest.
Right: A photo of Devon taken on October 18, 2019, after 24 pounds of weight loss.

Devon’s ultimate weight goal is 225 pounds, so he aims to lose another 125 pounds. With his 24 pound weight loss so far, he is well on his way to that goal. Devon says his main motivation to lose the weight is “wanting to become more healthy. As well as ultimately being someone that is found more attractive and as having more self confidence”

At the time of this interview, Devon did not have a fitness tracker in order to track calories burned. However, he did order an Apple Watch so that he would be able to in the future. When we do an update on Devon’s weight loss story, I hope to have some data on his calories burned in a typical VR session.

Devon says that during his VR sessions, he wears sweatpants and a hoodie. He does this so that he will sweat more and ultimately burn more calories. He also tries to play on the hardest difficulties/modes so that it will be more of a challenge, and get him moving more.

When I asked Devon what his favorite part of VR for exercise is, this was his reply. “It’s easy and quick when in a time crunch, and you don’t have to dress up to go to the gym. It also helps that it is fun. Same reason I like disc golf, I have so much fun with it that it is easy to continue doing it.”

Devon was previously a self-described “big gamer” before using VR. He says he was skeptical of VR at first, but that after using it for a month, he is a believer. His advice: “Give it a chance, man!” For those just starting out, he recommends Beat Saber, saying: “It mixes fun and exercise. And the music is bomb”

Through the use of VR, Devon has noticed many positive side effects. Number one, of course, being the weight loss. But in addition to that, he says that he has noticed a definite increase in his confidence and positivity. He also says that even his posture has improved.

Being an avid disc golfer, Devon also tries to get out to disc golf more with his new regimen. Many times, he will walk 2-3 miles during a typical disc golf game. In the future of VR, Devon would love to see a disc golf game as an option. He references playing Sports Champions’ disc golf game on PS3 with the move controllers, and would love to see something similar become available for PSVR. He also looks forward to seeing more full-body options. “I would love to see full body integration, so yoga or calisthenics can be used. As well as other tools being added so you can do like weight lifting or like an elliptical exercise.”

Devon has also made major diet changes. Working in the food industry, it has always been hard for him to control his diet. But so far, the ketogenic diet is working very well for him. “Other diets I have tried always left me feeling hungry. But with keto, I seem to feel more full more quickly. And I am enjoying what I eat.” Being that Devon and I are actually doing the same diet, I whole-heartedly agree!

As Devon continues with his weight loss journey, he plans to keep VR as a big part of it. However, he also plans to add in traditional gym workouts as well. I plan to make updated posts about Devon as time goes on. He is incredibly motivated, so I look forward to seeing the progress that he will make. His final words in the interview: “This change is going to be huge, stay tuned”

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