Subscriber Stories: An Update on Josh’s Progress

When I first spoke with Josh, in October of 2019, he was at the very beginning of his weight loss journey. This week, I was able to touch base with him on how he has been progressing. I am very excited to share that Josh is making amazing progress!

Since we spoke in October, Josh has lost an incredible 65 pounds. In the past couple of months, he has added in regular gym workouts and even karate training. Josh credits his ability to take on these new workouts to getting started with VR towards a more active lifestyle.

He says: “VR was critical getting me started… Creed Rise to Glory and Thrill of the Fight have been my primary fitness apps. After a month of VR training I noticed the workouts weren’t as intense. So I renewed my membership to Planet Fitness and started going to the regular gym 3 to 4 times a week. Starting in January, I also went back to martial arts training.”

Josh goes on to explain that a couple of years ago he joined a local karate club. But at that time, his fitness level prevented him from really succeeding. Using VR as a fitness tool really helped prepare him to succeed this time around, though. Now he is really enjoying his Shorin Ryu karate training, and says his local karate club is extremely friendly and supportive.

With the added gym workouts and karate training, virtual reality is no longer Josh’s main form of exercise. However, he still uses VR regularly as a fitness tool in addition to his other activities. “On Wednesday and Friday, I train in karate for 2 hours a night. I try to get to the gym 1 or 2 other days a week. Then, I fill in with sit ups, push ups, stationary bike and VR at home.” (Click here for more info on using a stationary bike with VR.)

In addition to the increase in exercise, Josh has also kept careful track of his diet, trying to stay within 2,000 calories daily and using the Samsung App to honestly track his food intake. He explains that the holidays were difficult, being bombarded by junk food, but he didn’t let that stop him.

Josh says that this is the most successful he has ever been at tackling weight loss, but that it is still hard knowing there is still a ways to go to his end goal. However, setting incremental goals helps him to focus on the progress he has made. “I had set a number of smaller goals. Like to be 300 by Christmas, which I accomplished mid-December. Then, my next goal was 275 by my Birthday in April. My next goal is to be 250 by August.”

Focusing on the positive progress has really helped Josh keep up his determination to continue. “When I got under 300 pounds that was the first time I was under 300 in years. I am now down to the weight I was at 12 years ago. It feels great putting on clothes and having them be baggy. Pants that fit comfortably a few months ago are like wearing balloons. At work I had to get new uniforms from the quarter master because everything was too big.”

“It is a lot of trying to keep things in perspective. I am glad I have made the progress I have made. But my end goals still seems so far away.
I just want it to be over and be down to the weight I want. But it took years to get the point I was at. It won’t go away in an instant”

It is so inspirational to hear how Josh has kept up the diligence and determination to get to this point. And it’s exciting to think that virtual reality has been such a great contributor to his success. I look forward to more updates on Josh’s story in the future!

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  1. This is fantastic! Keep going Josh, truly inspiring to others. Stick with it, I look forward to seeing future updates! 🙂

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