Sticking to Health and Exercise Goals via VR During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the current state of the world’s global pandemic, it can be overly easy to put health and weight loss goals on the back burner. Most gyms across the country, and the world, are closed.

Virtual Reality is a fantastic resource to have during this time. Most people are seeing reduced activity level, due to the social distancing guidelines. But with VR, it is possible to have a good routine of exercise during this pandemic.

I have appreciated being able to use virtual reality to keep up with my weight loss goals, even in these difficult times. For me, it is important to keep as active as possible, despite not having left the house in 2 weeks.

This week, I briefly spoke with Josh. (See Josh’s stories here and here.) Josh summed it up best in saying: “And just like that… VR became the most important work out tool in my arsenal again. It’s also a healthy distraction with all the fear and anxiety (of this global pandemic).”

Virtual Reality has been a great exercise tool to many, in addition to regular workouts. But during this pandemic, VR really has the opportunity to shine, and be something for all of us to lean on in our health and weight loss goals.

Before I had VR, I definitely would not have had the motivation to continue losing weight throughout this pandemic. Especially with the stress that comes with being unemployed during this time, and being unable to get through to my state’s unemployment department despite trying multiple times per day.

I feared that during this time, I would start to gain weight back. But VR has been able to be a healthy distraction. It has helped me stay on track with my weight loss. Not only have I not gained weight back, I have also lost a few pounds over the last few weeks.

I make it my goal to play at least 15 minutes of BoxVR. As well as 15 minutes of Beat Saber per day. I also fit in a few matches of Sparc when I can. If you are reading this, I would love to hear what you are doing to keep yourself active via VR during this hard time.

I hope that everyone out there is staying safe and healthy. Remember to stay home whenever possible, and together we will get through this tough time in history.

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