PSVR Games for Burning Calories

I wanted to create a comprehensive list of all of the PSVR games I use for burning calories. Some are better than others, but at the end of the day, all of these are useful for at least some calorie burn. I will update the list as I try out more options. These are in no particular order:

  • BoxVR
  • Beat Saber
  • Sparc
  • Sprint Vector
  • Superhot
  • Blasters of the Universe
  • Carnival Games
  • Stationary Bike Paired With 360º Youtube Videos


I have talked about BoxVR before, as it is one of my favorite PSVR games for burning calories. Concept is simple, punch notes in time with the music, and squat/lean to avoid obstacles. It is a fun way to burn a lot of calories, and is definitely my highest calorie burner. BoxVR is the only game on my list (so far) to actually be marketed and designed as a fitness tool. I hope more will be coming soon!

Beat Saber

Another one of my favorite games, Beat Saber, is also a great calorie burner. Beat Saber is one of those titles that will always keep you coming back for more because it is so fun. In addition to being fun, though, it also can be a great workout. Beat Saber will get you sweating without necessarily feeling like a workout. Once you start it is hard to quit, making it a great fitness tool, since most people are highly motivated to keep playing and improve their scores.


Rounding out my top 3 workout games is Sparc. Sparc is a fantastic dodgeball style game. Between throwing your ball and dodging your opponents ball, Sparc can give you a real workout. The only downfall with Sparc, is that it almost entirely relies on online multiplayer mode. And unfortunately, the community of players has dwindled, making it harder to find a match. However, this is made easier if you have friends who also own Sparc, and can arrange matches with them. I hope to see Sparc’s player community grow again, because it really is a great game.

Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector is a little tough to get used to, but it can really burn some calories once you get the hang of it. I personally don’t enjoy it as much as other games, but as far as the level of movement, it will get you sweating. In Sprint Vector, you use both arms in a running motion to move, turn and jump, racing other players.


Outwardly, Superhot doesn’t seem like it would be much of a calorie burner. However, with the amount of dodging and leaning, it’s more work than you think. It won’t burn a ton of calories, but it does work your muscles. The concept of Superhot is interesting, as time only moves when you do. So especially for experienced players, who go through a level more quickly, it could be considered quite a workout.

Blasters of the Universe

Another one that doesn’t seem like much of a fitness tool, but actually is a decent calorie burner, is Blasters of the Universe. In this, you are transported into a virtual arcade game. It is based on the concept of a “bullet hell” arcade game, and it is quite fun. I was surprised to find that it actually burns a decent amount of calories as well. As the incoming fire comes closer, you are forced to lean and squat to dodge it. It also requires a decent amount of arm movement for aiming/firing your weapon, using your shield, and reloading your weapon.

Carnival Games

At first, I thought Carnival Games was little more than a party game to show off my new PSVR. But then I found the rock wall game. Through attempting over and over to get the fastest time on the rock wall, I can assure you it is, in fact, a workout! The rock wall is my favorite for burning calories, but others within Carnival Games also burn a small amount, and it is a lot of fun for all ages.

Stationary Bike Paired With 360º Youtube Videos

I really enjoy using a stationary bike in conjunction with 360º videos on YouTube. It can be difficult to find ones with decent resolution, but there is plenty of variety. There are some that are actually bike riding videos, but I tend to prefer nature footage. Soon, I will compile some of the videos I enjoy. I have never been one to enjoy using a stationary bike, but paired with virtual reality, I actually love using it.

This is just the list of options I currently use for burning calories with PSVR. I have yet to try a lot of games, and more are sure to be released. I will do my best to keep this updated as I find more good options!

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