My Top Three PSVR Workout Games

I still have a lot of games to try, and there continue to be more and more available as the months go by. But I do definitely have my favorites so far, when it comes to both fun and workout potential. My top 3 PSVR workout games are: 

  • BoxVR
  • Beat Saber
  • Sparc


BoxVR is newly available on PSVR, but it definitely has quickly become one of my go to games for a good calorie-burning workout. The premise is simple, you punch in time with the rhythm of the songs as the punches come toward you. They also incorporate squats, hooks, and upper cuts to get you moving. 

BoxVR is definitely geared as a fitness game, even having an in-game calorie counter. I am not sure how accurate the in-game calorie counter is though, because sometimes it is close to the readings from my Apple Watch, and sometimes it is quite a ways off. What’s really nice about BoxVR though, is that you can choose the length of your session, from just a couple of minutes up to hour long options. You can also create your own playlists. This allows for uninterrupted workouts, as opposed to having to select each song individually and having load up times. (As of now there are no main stream songs available, and the music isn’t as good as beat saber, but it is decent enough to get moving to the beat.)

If you want to feel like you are actually working out, but still have fun in the process, BoxVR is your game. You definitely feel accomplished after completing a workout, and it is my best calorie burner as of now. 

Beat Saber

Beat Saber was the game I was most excited to get after buying PSVR, and after almost a year of consistent play, I still absolutely love it. They have mostly original songs, but have added in some song packs to expand the library of songs. (Oculus and Vive have the option to upload content and custom songs, but PSVR does not support this)

Beat Saber is similar to BoxVR, in that the goal is to hit, or slice, notes with your sabers, as they come toward you in line with the beat of the song, but Beat Saber is also completely different. It is not marketed as a fitness game, but it really does get you moving and burns quite a few calories, especially on the higher difficulties. And with options such as faster songs and disappearing arrows, you can really challenge yourself. I find the replayability to be very good with Beat Saber. I always want to beat my own high scores or my friends’ high scores, so it keeps me coming back for more!


Sparc really is an awesome game. The downside being that it almost entirely relies on online multiplayer, and the number of people who play is dwindling. It can be hard to find a match, and sometimes nobody is online. If you have friends who also have VR to play with, though, I still highly recommend it.

Sparc is a unique virtual reality sport that I describe as a mixture between Tron’s disc throwing game and dodgeball. The goal is to hit your opponent with your ball, or to hit their strike zone to make your ball bigger and faster. They have the same goal and their own ball. So keeping track of both balls can be tricky in a fast paced game. The games physics take a bit of getting used to, but once you do, it’s an awesome workout and a ton of fun. And when playing with friends, it almost feels like they are actually standing across the court from you as you talk and play. I really hope that eventually there are more updates made, but Sparc really is a solid game, as long as you can find someone to play against.

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