Is Supernatural Worth The Price?

Many people are looking into fitness apps in virtual reality. Many wonder if they are worth the subscription price. There are many factors, but I hope to help you decide if the Supernatural subscription is worth it for you.

The Price

Supernatural is on the high end cost-wise when it comes to subscription based VR games. At $19/month, it can be pretty steep for some people.

However, Supernatural offers a yearly membership for $179. This brings the investment down to just under $15/month.

Supernatural offers a free 30 day trial. This is a generous time frame for a trial. It really allows you to get into the game and get a good idea of if you will make full use of it.

Normally, I am very skeptical of subscription models. I rarely find them to be worth it. But after a few workouts, I was hooked. For me, Supernatural has become my go to workout. Therefore, I view it as my “gym membership”. I use it almost daily, so especially at the yearly rate, I find it highly worth it for myself.


Supernatural really packs in a ton of content. Not only is there already a huge library of workouts, but new ones are released DAILY. This helps keep things new and fresh.

In addition, there are many genres of music to choose from. So you are bound to find a music style that works for you. You will also find a range of popular, familiar songs. It really helps get into a workout when you enjoy and know the songs!

The are many flexible options that make it easy to fit in a workout with your schedule. There are workouts as short as 5-10 mins. This makes it feasible to fit in even when you are in a time crunch. Of course there are plenty of longer workouts, ranging up to 45+ mins, if you prefer.

Past that, there aren’t only workouts. They also feature stretching and meditation options. There are 5 coaches/trainers that you can choose from as well. All 5 coaches are great. They each have a different feel/mood to them, so I love that I can cater the trainer dependent on how I’m feeling each day.

One of my favorite parts of Supernatural is the environments. For each song, you are loaded into a different 360° real location. They are beautiful locations around the world and are all breathtaking scenery for a workout. As a travel and nature lover, this is a major plus in my book!

The Workout

Supernatural combines arm movements with squats and lunges. This creates a full body workout. Before starting each workout routine, your coach appears to help you get stretched and loosened up. I really like this feature because they show you proper form and stretching techniques.

When your workout begins, different portals open up to send balloons and triangles your way. It is very intuitive and easy to pick up the basics. You hit the balloons with the corresponding color bat. And you squat/lunge into the triangles. Keep your head in line with the upper point of the triangle. When a new portal opens, you rotate your body to face the new portal.

As you work up to higher intensities, the balloons get faster and the squats get lower. Throughout your workout, your coach gives reminders. This is helpful for keeping correct form and getting the best workout possible. They also help keep you motivated to keep your power up and finish strong.

At the end of each song, your stats are displayed. You are scored on both accuracy and power. Accuracy is calculated both for hits on the balloons and for getting inside those triangles.

If you have a fitness tracker, such as an Apple Watch, Supernatural has capabilities to pair with it to track your heart rate. If you are using a smart watch, you simply open the Supernatural app on your watch and select ‘Start Tracking’. Then, you start your workout.

With a fitness tracker, your heart rate is also displayed between songs. It will tell you both your average and max heart rate for each song.

At the end of the workout, the trainer appears again in front of you for a cool down. Just like in the warm up, they instruct you to follow more stretches to cool down from your work out and loosen up again.

After the cool down, your total score is displayed. The accuracy and power of each song are combined to create a ‘Supernatural Score’. Dependent on your score, you earn different score ranks. For example: ‘gold’, ‘platinum’, ‘triple platinum’. The highest rank, ‘diamond’, requires nearly perfect accuracy and power.

In addition, you see a graph of the progression of your heart rate, accuracy, and power. Along with this, your heart rate is broken down into zones so that you can see how long your heart rate was in each zone.

The Verdict

In short, Supernatural is the best all around fitness game that I have found for VR. It is incredibly fun, which makes it not even feel like work half the time. I have so many apps on my Quest 2, but Supernatural pulls me back every single day.

If you are looking for a fun and engaging workout to a variety of music types, encouraging coaches, and a fantastic community, Supernatural is likely a great fit for you. The monthly cost is a bit higher than other apps, but it is clear that a lot of work and passion go into Supernatural. The coaches obviously love what they do, and work hard to keep us all up off our couches.

The graphics are very clean and beautiful. The developers clearly have put a lot of effort into creating an intuitive and beautiful world within Supernatural. With new content daily, I’m excited to see how they continue to develop.

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