How One Man Has Lost 40 Pounds Through the Use of Virtual Reality

It’s time for another VR weight loss story! Howard Feinstein, of Washington state, has already lost 40 pounds in the 7 months he has been using virtual reality as a fitness tool. With his end goal being 45 pounds lost, he is in the final stretch of reaching his weight loss goal. I had the pleasure of chatting with Howard about his routines and success, and I am excited to share!

Howard has the Oculus Quest 2, and tracks his calories burned using his Apple Watch. He says he likes to play twice a day, morning and evening, for 20-40 minutes per session. His favorite calorie burning games are Supernatural and Audiotrip. He is very excited about the technology of VR, and it’s ability to be used as a weight loss tool.

“I absolutely love Supernatural for it’s amazing way of motivating me to work out with popular music and amazing coaches. And I have so much fun, it’s more of a game than exercise. Everyone with a VR headset should have this app as part of their lifestyle in VR choices.”

In addition to his VR workouts, Howard has also focused on eating a protein-rich diet. Staying away from junk food and tracking all calories in and out. On average, he is able to burn about 10 calories per minute during his virtual reality exercises. When comparing the use of VR versus traditional gym workouts, he adds “VR workouts are supremely more convenient and judgement free. I also love the immediacy of it. It allows me the flexibility to workout whenever the urge strikes me.”

A typical workout for Howard consists of: stretching, warmup in Audiotrip, then extended workout through either Audiotrip to Supernatural. To him, Supernatural is more useful for power and calorie burning, but that Audiotrip is convenient for its ‘bite-size’ workouts. He also likes to compete weekly for the most calories burned leaderboard in Audiotrip. It definitely provides extra motivation for him.

In addition to VR being a fun method of weight loss and staying in shape, Howard has noticed several other benefits. He has seen lowered blood pressure, lessening of his back pain, more energy, and increased strength. It has also helped him to develop a more optimistic self-image, with increased self-confidence. He also appreciated the friends he has made through the various VR communities. This all helps to keep him motivated to continue with his goals.

For those thinking of getting into the world of VR, or those just starting out, Howard has some great advice. “Buy a VR headset and try a variety of games and fitness apps. There’s something for everyone in VR and it’s getting better every day. I’m so excited about this technology. With the Quest, I would recommend doing First Contact and then trying the various Demos available in the Oculus store. I would then watch review videos about some of the games. And take advantage of liberal Oculus return policy allowing users to try apps with little risk of financial loss. This is very useful.”

Howard says he has played games off and on throughout the years. But that VR has quite the edge over anything else he has experienced. He has invested far more time into virtual reality, and is very excited about the results he has seen. He loves recommending the use of VR to friends and family. In fact, he says “Buying a VR headset has been so transformative for me on so many levels. I’ve bought one for everyone in my immediate family as well as motivated friends to buy their own headsets.”

In the future, as VR improves, Howard says he wants to see fitness games that focus more on muscle development. Specifically ones that are instructional in nature. He says that he believes Supernatural does the best at this so far, with it’s coaching from various trainers. He adds: “This is truly innovative technology and the opportunities to help humanity through VR is unparralled. Chris Milk is an innovator in the space, and with his companies, Within and Supernatural, the world is a better place.”

I love being able to network with so many amazing people in this community. Who share the same excitement and passion for the wonderful world of virtual reality. It is so motivational to talk to Howard and others like him, who have had such amazing success so far.

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