How Much Space Is Needed For Playstation VR

For people thinking of jumping into virtual reality, most wonder how much space is needed for VR. I too worried whether or not I would have enough room to fully enjoy virtual reality.

So, how much space is needed for VR? For PSVR, the official recommended play area is approximately 6’x10’. Do you really need a full 6’x10′ space, though? Well, the play area starts about 2’ from the PlayStation VR camera. So technically for seated play, all you need is to be over a couple of feet (preferably 3+) away from the camera.

This image from a Sony PSVR pamphlet shows how much space is recommended for VR.
This image from a Sony PSVR pamphlet shows how much space is recommended for VR.

However, for standing play, you will need a little more space. My setup puts me about 5’ from my PSVR camera. I find this distance to be sufficient to track arm movements in all directions. What’s nice is that the space in front of you does not need to be totally open. If you have a short piece of furniture between you and the camera, such as a coffee table, it will likely not be in your way. Provided of course that it is not in the way of your arm movements, of course.

As long as you can comfortably squat, lean in both directions, and fully extend your arms in all directions, you are good to go. For me, this ends up being about a 5.5’ wide space. My livingroom is fairly small, but I still have enough space to use VR. Definitely practice your workout movements without the headset on first. Make sure you are in no danger of hitting anything or knocking anything over.

My living room. I have my camera set up on the table in the bottom left of the image (pardon the mess!) I stand in the open area in front of the side table on the right hand side of the image. In the future, I may try a different setup, but this works great for now!

One thing to keep in mind when evaluating VR play space is that you do not need to stand in front of the TV. When I first set up my PSVR, I put the camera directly below my TV. That seemed like the natural thing to do. But it put my play area right under my ceiling fan. Let’s just say there was more than one hand/fan collision. My solution was to move my setup to the side of the TV, which works perfectly. So be sure to think of alternative areas or orientations that may suit your space.

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